Squid Soldier and MORE Mech Customizations?! – Coming Soon!

I know it seems as though we’ve been favoring the humans in terms of customizations! But we promise, Squid soldier customizations are coming soon! Here’s a sneak peek at the progress! Keep in mind that these models are still in their early stages. These are not final polished items.


Spider Soldier Suit – To match your sweet Spider Crawler Tank (Special Halloween Event Customization)!

Hammerhead version!

Eventually, you’ll be able to customize your Squid suit’s helmet, torso, and legs. Also, in previous builds, when you equipped certain Squid weapons (like the Optic Overloader), the gear would change in-game. That will no longer be the case for the helmet. We’ve moved the helmets to be actual customizations now. The only thing that will change when you equip certain Squid weapons will be the backpacks.

Also, not shown in the photos, depending on what weapon you are holding in-game, the lights on the suit will match your weapon color. If you’re holding a human weapon, it will default back to red.


Mech –

I’m not going to tease any photos of what’s being worked on for the Assault Mech as I’d like to get everyone’s raw reaction to when they see it for the first time when it’s released. I can tell you our plans are to allow players to be able to customize the canopy, arms, and legs individually! I expect to see some really SWEET looking unique mechs from all of you!

What do you think? Let us know in our discord!


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