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I apologize that I haven’t written a blog post in a while, but with good reason! I’ve been waiting to get my hands on some upcoming goodies that we’ll be releasing fairly soon. Over the course of the last few months, our community has given us so many suggestions and we love every single one of them! While we may not be able to implement every single one of them, we thank you so much for being involved with our project and showing us love.

SO! On to the fun stuff. Here’s what we’ve been up to lately:



Shown in the image:
– Greaser Outfit
– Sailor Outfit
– Doctor Hat
– Donut Crown (The Great Cookie Machine’s Suggestion)

Planned in future builds:
– Calvary Hat (Satojomov’s Suggestion)
– Tutu (Emmajane91’s Suggestion)
– Cowboy Hat (Emmajane91’s Suggestion)
– Tiara (Emmajane91’s Suggestion)
– Summer Outfit
– Doctor’s Coat
– Tinfoil Hat



We plan to release two maps for our community to play in and see how they like them. These maps will be early prototypes as we want to make sure they’re actually fun to play on; Meaning, they will be grey box (basic shapes and layout) versions of the levels with very minimal art. The first will be Mars! For those of you who may have participated in our Moonbase event, you may recognize this as Moonbase B (with some slight improvements). It seemed as though everyone enjoyed both maps nearly equally (though Moonbase A did have majority vote, but it was close!). We decided to re-purpose this map as Mars! The concept behind this map is that this was an abandoned base of some sort. While we know that humans did not land on Mars in 1950’s (as far as we know!!), we’re playing off the fact that this is a sci fi world and the government has their fair share of Alien secrets.

(Music from:

Our next map is estimated to be released some time late October. This map is the Evergreen Forest (name still pending…). It currently does not have any sort of background story just yet, but it was designed with future game modes in mind such as King of the Hill. Here’s a sneak peek at it.



As mentioned, we’ve begun the process of making plans for our next game mode. Nothing has been decided yet, but we do plan to experiment with game styles such as King of the Hill first. If you’re not familiar with the idea behind King of the Hill, the most basic rules are that a player or a team occupies some sort of landmark (“The Hill”). Players must fight each other to occupy this landmark. Rules may vary as to how the winner is chosen. Some rules say the winner must be the last surviving player to occupy the landmark by knocking out all other players or other rules state you must be the one standing on the hill, after shoving everyone else off, when time runs out, etc.


I hope you are excited for what’s to come! I know we are. Be sure to let us know what you think in our Community Discord Channel:

SQUIDS FROM SPACE is available on Steam now!

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