Flashback Friday – The Early Days of SQUIDS FROM SPACE!

Believe it or not, SQUIDS FROM SPACE has actually been a project we’ve wanted to bring to life for just a little over a year now. The game has grown so much over time from what you know of it now, and I’d like to take everyone on a trip back in time to see just how SQUIDS FROM SPACE began. These are the early days of SQUIDS FROM SPACE, from rough storyboards to demo trailers–popcorn is optional.

The Setting
As a fan of old school B-Movies, we knew we wanted the game to have a Scifi element to it with something outrageous attacking Earth. We decided to have it take place in the 1950’s. Classic cars, retro diners, and drive-in theaters were a must. Plus, there’s oodles and oodles of reference for it. Here was ours:

Concept Art
Coming up with the Squids – Often when designing character, a concept artist would come up with dozens and dozens of ideas. However, this blog would be never ending if I posted every single one, so here are a handful for your viewing pleasure.

For the Humans – Of course, the game was inspired by one of our earlier games, Fat Princess. When we were conceptualizing the human characters, we originally approached it as if there would be “classes.” Just like Fat Princess had Mages, Warriors, Priests, etc. We didn’t want to copy Fat Princess entirely, so we did away with the idea of set classes as we wanted to allow players to customize their own play style.

The Birth of Main Street – Once we had the characters, it was time to place them in the world. This is my favorite part of the development cycle as you get to see the characters come alive and a story is created as they’re placed in an environment.

Pitching Our Idea

We’ve got the characters, we’ve got the world, and now it was time to convince everyone else that it needed to exist. We needed a story to tell, and so that is where a Storyboard comes in. I remembered coming into work one day and there was a giant whiteboard wheeled into the center of our office. Both sides were COVERED in layers of colorful sticky notes. Unfortunately, I do not have any photos of it. I haz a sad (#memes). The first layer were drawings for each scene of the trailer, covering each scene were color coded post-its with notes. I don’t remember what they represented exactly, but I would assume each color assigned a priority or measured the importance for each shot.

The First Iteration – It Begins!

Third Iteration – Revised Story

Final Product

The Prototype
We had the marketing pitch, now we needed to show some gameplay. The video you’re about to watch below takes place on one of our early City maps. Back then, we had all sorts of crazy things in the game such as Squid Crawlers, Human Tanks, Human Mechs, Motorcycles, and yes… even UFOs that you could use to abduct civilians with. We have long since removed these features and scaled down the map to what we call ‘Main Street’ now, but who’s to say they have to stay gone forever? Be sure to let us know what you think! Now sit back and relax, enjoy the video. Thank you for joining me on this Flashback Friday! 🙂

SQUIDS FROM SPACE is now available on Steam! – http://store.steampowered.com/app/437610/SQUIDS_FROM_SPACE/

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