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Upcoming Map: The Moonbase

For the past couple months now, we’ve been hard at work on our next map, The Moonbase. For a small team of 7-10 (our numbers have fluctuated as we’ve hired on temporary help), developing a multiplayer game of this size can be quite a feat. I’m going to be documenting our progress from here on out in order to share with everyone our journey of creating SQUIDS FROM SPACE.

The Prototype
With one map under our belt so far, though still unpolished, we began prototyping our next map, The Moonbase. The story behind this map is that the Humans have built a secret base on the Moon. This base is used for research and military purposes. This base quickly became Earth’s first line of defense against the Squids which had begun to take interest in Earth’s plentiful resources to fuel their technology.

Here is a screenshot of the early stages of development for this map (June 21st, 2017). The engine used for our game is Unreal. Maya was used to create all props for the base.

Let’s fast forward to two months later. Here is what the map looks like after several playtests and some community feedback. As you can see, we’ve added walkways across the crater in the center of the map, and widened the southern area of the map to allow the Moon Rover to have more freedom and space to maneuver in. The Northern area of the map has also changed drastically to allow smoother navigation through the vents.

Of course, no Moonbase is complete without Moonbase equipment! We’ve begun to populate the map with a variety of space-themed props that players can pick up and turn in for tech points. Any prop that is yellow is a resource and can be picked up. Those that aren’t yellow serve the purpose of providing cover or used as an obstacle.

We wouldn’t be Fun Bits if we didn’t throw in a little fun and humor. Say hi to our Space Pup. He’s made his home somewhere on the map. Let us know if you find him!

When we first went live with SQUIDS FROM SPACE on Steam, there was certainly one request nearly every player had asked for: Human Vehicles. I mean, why should Squids have all the fun with their tanks and harvesters? Well, we’ve heard your cries for a human equivalent and we plan to deliver! Here’s a peek at the Moon Rover that humans will have for the upcoming map. At this time, this human vehicle will only be available on the Moonbase. We originally tried to place a 4×4 military vehicle on the Main Street map, but quickly realized that it just wasn’t fun to use on that map due to it’s narrow walkways, stairs, etc. That doesn’t mean we may not add something in the future, it just needs something that makes more sense for the size of the map.

The Struggles are Real
It’s been a tough road of trying to maintain balance between the humans and Squids in a game that’s meant to have asymmetric gameplay. This will be an on-going challenge as we add more weapons, map obstacles, and gameplay mechanics. However, after our last playtest last week, we certainly can tell we’re headed in the right direction as far as how fun the map is to play. Artifying the map with more detailed props has really helped the map come together.

While the new human vehicle is fun to drive in, we do acknowledge that it needs a purpose like that of the Squid Harvester. Right now, it’s mostly used to get to one side of the map fairly quickly. Unless you have a passenger to shoot while you’re driving, there just isn’t much to it yet. We’ve had some feedback to add a weapon to the vehicle itself or to allow passengers to carry multiple resources while riding in the 4×4. So, stay tuned!

Moonbase Release
Our target for the Moonbase release is some time at the end of this month or early September. I cannot provide an exact date as we must always leave some room for potential issues to come up. If you have thoughts and ideas, please feel free to share it with us on our Discord channel:

See you on the Moonbase! We can’t wait for you to try it out. Please bookmark our website in order to keep up with our updates!

SQUIDS FROM SPACE is currently in Early Access on Steam!:

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